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TT Residence

The spacious drawing room is adorned with an eclectic mix of art objects and furniture. It features sofas from Bloomingdale's, custom-made cushions and blinds by Tahiliani, and a brass water basin by Vikram Goyal. The room also showcases a family heirloom rosewood chair and a prized collection of bidriware hookah bases. In the living room, a combination of personal touches can be seen, such as Tahiliani's mother's wedding sari and an antique pichhwai artwork.


The window seat boasts a custom-made velvet banquette by Arun Tandon, accompanied by a gilded Burmese pagoda-shaped votive. The dining room offers a view of the swimming pool and garden, featuring a circular dining table, reproduction Irani cafe chairs, and unique table decorations including ostrich eggs and traditional metalware. The central corridor serves as a gallery, showcasing a curated collection of antiques, including Turkish rugs, an ornate inlaid armoire from Gujarat, and rare bronze water spouts from South India.


New Delhi, India


◦ Architecture

◦ Interior Design

◦ Landscaping


7500 ft²



4 bedrooms | 4 baths

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